A Movement to Empower

Hunger is one of many symptoms experienced by under-resourced populations in our community.

Today, according to the 2020 American Community Survey, over 303,000 individuals are living below the poverty level in San Antonio. In 1996, Seth Kuehn, a former farmer and vending business owner, while working with local pastors realized the opportunity to connect businesses that threw out large amounts of food to churches whose congregations didn't have enough food to eat.

Seth envisioned a partnership that would build upon the existing churches' relationships and access within their own communities to distribute food and, therefore, resolve the problem of hunger. It was from this vision that Daily Bread Ministries was formed. Initially operating out of Mr. Keuhn's garage with a handful of volunteers, Daily Bread distributed food from vendors to inner city churches. The movement to empower pastors and their churches was born.
At the heart of Daily Bread's goals, we help our partner organizations better serve their communities. Our two most popular trainings are Experiencing God and When Helping Hurts.
These two topics help course participants transform the way they address poverty and its root cause within their communities. Additionally, our various community partners offer courses on
money management, parenting, grant writing, and leadership development.

We empower our partners to go beyond addressing the symptoms of poverty, such as hunger, and educate them on how to better support people living in poverty. Only then can we expect to see transformative impact and change in these communities where we serve through God's work.
Distributing Food
Weekly food distribution is the foundation of the Daily Bread organization. Throughout the week, food is either delivered to our warehouse or collected and transported by one of our refrigerated trucks. Vendors include local schools, produce vendors, catering agencies, and wholesale food companies. Three days a week Daily Bread distributes food to ministry partners, the majority of which are local churches that operate their own food pantries. Other partners include transitional housing facilities, rehab homes, and children's outreach ministries.


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We have an incredibly hardworking staff, who continuously show their passion and commitment to the work they do.


Are you passionate about feeding and ministering to the hungry? Do you seek to help the community and serve those in need? Join Daily Bread by applying to become a ministry partner today.
Q. How can I receive food from Daily Bread?
A. Daily Bread distributes food through a network of ministry partners. If you are in need of food assistance, we will happily connect you with a ministry partner near you. Please call us at 210.223.4707, and we will provide you with the name and telephone number.
Q: I am an individual, how can I donate food?
A: We will gladly take food you have to donate. Please keep in mind that we do not accept expired or opened items, nor can we accept homemade canned goods.
Q: I am a vendor, how can I donate food?
A: Contact us at 210.223.4707 for our warehouse hours of operation, and to schedule a pick up or delivery. Our warehouse and trucks accommodate frozen and refrigerated food. Our loading docks easily accommodate commercial trucks.
Q: How can I host a food drive for my business, church, or school?
A: Contact us at 210.223.4707 or at info@dbmsa.org for a list of our requested food drive items. Typically, our food drives are for specific items like macaroni and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly. We have food drive barrels that we can deliver to you, or that you can pick up from our warehouse.

Addressing the Root Cause of Poverty

We proudly distributed over $10 million pounds of food in 2021 and base our work on Steve Corbett's and Brian Fikkert's book When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor. Daily Bread focuses on addressing the defined root cause of poverty - broken relationships. We do this by helping our partners help their communities mend their connections with God, other people, self, and creation.


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